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DeVilbiss GTi-Pro Gravity Spraygun

DeVilbiss GTi-Pro Gravity Spraygun

GTI PRO Gravity Spray Gun 

Our opinion - a very popular choice from large bodyshops to perfectionist hobbyists.  Cutting edge technology with easy servicing and quick parts sourcing.  A great choice

  • Developed for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes. 

  • All new ergonomic gun body design.  

  • New ultra high flow fluid tips provide superb versatility across a range of viscosities.  Revolutionary air valve design gives smoother feel for even greater air and paint control for ease of fade-outs and blend-ins.

  • Simplified, user friendly components provide easy cleaning and maintenance (also shares many spares with it's sister mini gun, the SRi.)

***PLEASE NOTE - there are two air caps to choose from that affect the way that the gun sprays. These are: 

T2 - Faster flow gloss/lacquer

  • All round gloss / clearcoat gun.  Flow rate and fan pattern lend themselves towards a wetter application style.  Compliant trans-tech high transfer efficiency (but not HVLP)

  • Air consumption T2 (free air)12.4 CFM  / 350 l/min

  • Fluid tip sizes available: 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.  For 2K gloss / clear the 1.3 is by  far the most popular choice & is recommended by the majority of paint manufacturers for their HS 2K products. (DuPont & Debeer -1.2)

H1 - HVLP Max.Transfer efficiency

  • This aircap delivers maximum transfer efficiency rates so is particularly suitable for waterborne basecoat application.

  • Air consumption (free air) 15.9 CFM / 450 l/min

  • Fluid tip sizes available: 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.  

  • 1.2 is by far the most popular set up available as it suits the majority of manufacturers' waterborne basecoats.  Please see set up guide for more information. 

Technical Specifications

  • Atomisation: Trans-tech (compliant, high transfer efficiency)

  • Air flow l/min: 280

  • Fluid flow g/m: 180

  • Pattern height: 275

  • Air inlet pressure: 2.0 bar (29psi)

  • Air inlet thread: 1/4" BSP Universal

  • Cup Capacity: 560ml

  • Weight: 778 gms

  • All components are non-corrosive and water based compatible

New Version NOW IN - call for details

Technical Specification

  • Air Inlet Thread - 1/4” Universal

  • Weight (gun & cup) - 778 gms

  • Air Cap & Ring - Plated Brass

  • Fluid Tip - Stainless Steel

  • Needle - Stainless Steel

  • Cup capacity - 560 mls

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