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Devilbiss GTI PRO Gravity Spraygun with 2 Nozzles - Gold

Devilbiss GTI PRO Gravity Spraygun with 2 Nozzles - Gold

The new GTI Pro sprayguns in a stunning gold finish are the latest and greatest gravity gun from DeVILBISS. Featuring a brand new ergonomic body design for optimum comfort in long applications, innovative modern ultra high flow fluid tips to ensure ultimate precision and versatiliy across multiple viscosities. A top of the range balanced and patented air valave design ensures superb air and paint control and super smooth "no-kick" operation.

Groundbreaking new larger "Pro" HVLP and Trans-Tech air caps offer exceptional atomisation providing ultra uniform spray patterns, longer reach and precision accuracy in pearlescents.

This new model is quickly becoming the go to gun for application of water and solvent-bourne basecoats in all common varieties. This popular new spraygun consistently meets the highest colour match standards allowing you to get it the job done effectively and efficiently.

Aircap options

TE10 - For Solvents & all rounder

High transfer efficiency (not HVLP), best suited for solvent basecoats but also performs well with waterbased and lacquer applications. Good all rounder for muliple jobs. This trans-tech air cap is compliant but not HVLP meaning the spray pattern is slightly more eliptical than the wide fan width pattern produced by the H1 air cap.

  • High efficiency atomistation

  • Air Flow L/min: 270 (9.5 cfm)

  • Pattern height: 290 - 310mm

  • Fluid g/m: 160-190

TE20 - For a faster flow gloss/laquer applications

For use as an all round gloss and clearcoat gun the flow and fan pattern are better suited towards a wetter application style. The 1.3 fluid tip is highly recommened for exceptional results with HS 2K gloss/clearcoat.

  • High efficiency atomistation

  • Air Flow L/min: 360 (12.7 cfm)

  • Pattern height: 285 - 300mm

  • Fluid g/m: 170-200

HV30 - HVLP maximum transfer efficiency, ideal for waterborne basecoat application

For maximum transfer efficiency rates this air cap perfectly suited for waterborne basecoat applications.

Air Flow L/min: 460 (16.3 cfm)
Pattern height: 300 - 325mm
Fluid g/m: 160-190


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