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A160 Micro Titanium Max Meyer Aquamax Tinter 0.5 Litre

A160 Micro Titanium Max Meyer Aquamax Tinter 0.5 Litre

MaxMeyer AquaMax is one of the most user friendly waterborne basecoat systems available. Using the latest colour matching techniques, Aquamax delivers consistently good colour matches for all major motor manufacturers. AquaMax basecoat can be recoated with MaxMeyer 0300 HS Clearcoat to give a high quality gloss finish.

1. Constant 30% thinning ratio - easy to use ratios.

2. Fast process and drying times meaning increased throughput to save time.

3. Full range of mixing tinters with excellent colour matching accuracy suitable for spot, medium and total high quality repairs.

4. Non-stir mixing tinters meaning reduced colour error.

5. Provides excellent opacity, leading to reduced spraying time and material savings.

6. Very user friendly: Easy to understand and get right first time.


A160 Micro Titanium


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