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The Body Filler Checklist

Whether you’re a professional body filler or just starting out and new to the skill, the specialists here at Global Finish have compiled an essential checklist to ensure you don’t miss a single step.

The Body Filler Checklist


1. Ensure your own personal protection with disposable gloves, overalls to protect your clothes and a good ventilated mask.

2. Carry out the job in well ventilated, or ideally outdoor space. 

3. Mask off appropriate area. 

4. Clean area before sanding. 

5. Use an easy to sand, non sagging product such as our Best Supreme 9 Universal Bodyfiller, or U-POL Easy 1 to save time when sanding.

6. Use the best tools to apply the filler that you can afford. 

7. Clean areas before sanding however don’t use any product that contains silicone as this could affect the bonding process. 

8. Get everything you need prepared, clean and ready for application in reaching distance before you start. 

9. Work quickly when starting to fill, you only have around 5 minutes before the mixture will harden. 

10. Use filler sparingly. 

11. Wait for the filler to harden completely before commencing sanding. Not doing so will cause the filler to crumble. 

12. Once the filler has hardened completely, use progressive grit sandpaper to bring the filler flush with the surface. 

13. Be careful not to damage surfaces with excessive sanding – you can always sand it more, you can’t take it back. 

14. Finish with a quality stopper to provide the perfect surface ready for painting. We would recommend U-POL’s Top Stop Polyester Stopper developed for professionals for a premium finish. Shop Top Stoppers Here.  

Using the best equipment and consumables you can afford will significantly improve the end result and finish on your body filler task. Here at Global Finish, we supply the highest quality branded body filler and supplies at affordable prices to help our customers achieve their desired result. Discover our recommended range of products for Body Filler repairs below:


1. Chicago Air Palm Sander

2. Filler Spreader



1. Quick Masking Film

2. Masking Tape

3. Disposable gloves

4. Disposable Coveralls

5. Gerson Half Mask Respirator



1. Best Supreme 9 Universal Bodyfiller

2. U-POL Easy 1

3. U-POL Top Stoppers



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