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Product Spotlight: Festool De-Nib Tool – Spot Repair

This small but oh so powerful specialist tool, the Festool De-Nib is the latest to be featured in our monthly product spotlight blog. Read on to learn the uses and benefits of the Spot Repair Scraper.

Product Spotlight: Festool De-Nib Tool – Spot Repair

Presented in its own box, this tool will last a lifetime when looked after thanks to its high quality Carbride Steel composition. This unique tool will save many hours of refinishing work and time.

- Targeted removal of dust particles possible due to slight curve on front blade
- Scrape larger areas using the two flat lateral edges
- Hollow ground edge on the scraper produces a sharp cut
- Achieve the accurate removal of trapped particles and unevenness
- Manufactured from High Quality Carbide Steel
- Supplies with cord and box
- Dimensions: 25 x 30 mm

Festool develops superior quality electric and pneumatic tools for professionals as well as users with tough demands.

Buy the Festool De-Nib Spot Repair Tool HERE.

The Festool Spot Scraper tool in action

Festool de-nib tool