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Automotive Car Painting – Dos & Don’ts

Car paint is most certainly our favourite subject at Global Finish and we know re-spraying a car is a job not to be taken lightly! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a keen DIYer, our team of specialists have put together a fundamental list of dos and don’t taken from our own experience to help your car paint job go as smoothly as possible and achieve the best results.

Automotive Car Painting – Dos & Don’ts

Pre-paint & during


- Take your time. Set aside at least a few days to complete the re-spray. A rushed job will show in the finish.

- Make all the necessary preparations. Remove dust and dirt, grease and grime and take the time to carefully mask the areas you don’t want painted. Have your coveralls, dust mask, protective eyewear ready to put on and ideally use a dust extractor if working inside/undercover.

- Take the time to sand thoroughly. Sand back to bare metal to achieve the best possible finish. If time is limited, sand to a smooth even finish.



- Spray straight onto the car. Practise your spraying technique ideally on a scrap piece of steel you may have. Hold the spray gun 6inches from the practice sheet and use a sweeping, side-to-side motion, only spraying the paint when moving. Static spraying will cause uneven application and will run.

- Ignore instructions. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, always work to the instructions on the primer as drying times between coats can vary due to varying or updated formulas. This also applies to the ratios when mixing the paint with thinners.

- Burn the paint. Once the paint is dry, over buffing in one spot will ruin the finish, be careful.


Shopping List:

how to paint a car

BEST Spray-it P4 Primer - A quality 4-to-1 2k primer/filler available in beige, grey and white.

2K Ready Mixed Colours – Top quality, durable gloss, quick drying and compliant when used with 2K Ready Mix Hardener.

Mirka Orbital Palm Sander – Smooth, light and powerful fitted with central vacuum. 


Post paint

dos and donts car spray painting


- Wash your car by hand. For at least 3 months after its been painted, take care when washing your car and always wash by hand. Use only a mild solution with cool, not hot water and use soft sponge or cloth.

- Keep your car undercover. If possible, we recommend either keeping your newly painted car in a garage, under a carport or car cover. This is to protect the new paint from extreme weather damage, and tree sap and bird mess as the acidity will eat right through any new paint.



- Let your car air dry. Wash your car in the shade and use a chamois to then dry the car as allowing air drying will cause permanent water marks which would be extremely unsightly.

- Wax or polish your car straight away. Doing so before a minimum of 3 months could discolour or damage the slick finish of the paint.

- Drive on loose chippings, gravel or dirt roads for as long as possible as new paint will be very vulnerable to chipping and damage.

- Dry wipe or scrape. If you’d like to get the dust off or remove ice and snow, whatever you do, do not use a dry cloth to remove dust or scrape to remove ice. Gently wash the dust off and heat the car to let the snow/ice melt off.


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